Your New Crowd

At some point, it is time for a better class of heroes.

There are people in the world who are doing amazing things. It is time you meet these people. You will find you can relate to them. You will be truly inspired… instead of almost entertained, which is all we get from pop-culture heroes.

Here we are now. Entertain us.
~ Kurt Cobain

Pop-culture serves up a constant stream of “heroes” to worship. Except they aren’t worth worshipping. (Who is?) Pop-culture heroes are created (yes, created) only because other people (studio heads, producers) are insatiably greedy and understand that humans need to worship, and they know how to manipulate that need.

Every generation throws a hero up the pop charts.
~ Paul Simon

But enough behind-the-curtain stuff. Let’s meet, and join, a better class of heroes.


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